Workshop: Factors of Integration for 2nd and 3rd Generation Muslims in the US and Germany

Jonathan organized a one-day workshop, together with Dr. Almut Wieland-Karimi of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, at the Transatlantic Academy (Washington, DC – December 2008.)

Click here for the conference program.

Click HERE to read the report (March 2009).


Talks in 2008

• “State-Islam Relations and Political Moderation in Europe,” Harvard Center for European Studies (Cambridge December 2008)

Governments and Muslim Communities in the US and Europe,” Wilson Center (Washington, DC – October 2008)

Islam and Citizenship in Germany,” Nanovic Center of the Univ. of Notre Dame (London – October 2008)

• “Models of Integration: European policies towards Islam,” Transatlantic Academy inaugural conference (Washington, DC – October 2008)

• “Integrating Islam in Contemporary France” (with Justin Vaisse) Maison Française de Boston College (Chestnut Hill – May 2008) & Harvard Center for European Studies (Cambridge – May 2008)

• “Italy after the elections: what should change and what is likely to change?” M.I.T. (Cambridge – April 2008)

• “Who is a German, then?” Conference on Germany in the Modern World, Harvard University (Cambridge – April 2008)

• “Extra-Parliamentary Interest Representation and Political Moderation: The case of State-Islam Relations in Western Europe,” Yale University (New Haven – January 2008)

• Commentator, “On Carl Schmitt’s Crisis of Parliamentary Democracy,” Boston College (Chestnut Hill – January 2008)

• “The Challenge of Integrating Muslims in Western Europe,” Council on Foreign Relations (New York – January 2008)

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