Book Chapter: European Islam in the Year 2030 | Brookings Institution Press

Europe 2030. D. Benjamin, ed. (Brookings Press 2010

This chapter appeared in Europe 2030, a volume edited by Daniel Benjamin:
In April 2009, a futuristic novel by the Russian writer Elena Tchudinov was published in France titled The Notre Dame Mosque of Paris: Year 2048; it depicted Paris’s grandest cathedral transformed into a mosque. That same spring, in an article titled “In the Casbah of Rotterdam,” the Italian newspaper Il Foglio crowned Rotterdam the future capital of Eurabia. Since the advent of the 21st century, any number of scholars, journalists, and Internet populists have argued that, for Europe, demography is destiny—that the combination of runaway Muslim birthrates, suicidal native European fertility rates, and white flight will lead to a set of Western Islamic republics by mid-century…

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