Un’Italia più forte nel mondo

Laurence spoke on a public panel in Rome on September 29 with the Italian opposition leader Pier Luigi Bersani. A video of the event can be viewed on-line here (debate begins around minute 16:00). The title of the session was “A Stronger Italy in the World: Responding to the Global Crisis.” Click for poster here .

On October 8-9, Laurence participated in the workshop organized by the Fondazione Magna Carta on “The New Transatlantic Relations,” held at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He was interviewed about President Obama and transatlantic relations in the studio of RAI News 24 on the “Dentro la notizia” program on September 29 and October 12, and by Red TV (Italy) on October 10, as well as by L’occidentale (read interview here) on October 12.


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