Talks in 2016

• “Can French Islam be Algerian, Moroccan and Turkish?” Annual Conference of the Council for European Studies (Philadelphia – April 2016)

• Discussant, “What Happened to National Liberation? A Discussion with Michael Walzer,” Reset DOC / Columbia University (NY, NY – March 2016)




Talks in 2015

• “Can European Islam be North African?” Center for European Studies, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill – November 2015)

• “Taking Politics Out of Islam,” Hajja Razia Sharif Sheikh Lecture, College of Arts and Sciences, Oakland University (Michigan – October 2015)

• Chair, Panel on Republican Rights and Politics, Istanbul Seminars - Reset DOC (Istanbul – May 2015)

• “Peut-on parler d’un Islam de France ?” Discussion on “Islam et République” with Hervé Mariton and Xavier Lemoine, Assemblée Nationale (Paris – May 2015)

• “Les Islams en Europe,” Jurisprudence Islamique et Contexte Européen, Conseil Européen des Ouléma Marocains, (Brussels – May 2015)

• “Religion and the Modern State,” Transatlantic Academy (Washington – April 2015)

• Panelist, “Governing Europe: The Collision of People, Power and Money,” Brookings CUSE Annual Conference on Sovereignty’s Revenge: Populism and the future of European Integration (Washington – April 2015)

• Plenary speaker, “Global ambitions and local grievances: understanding political Islam,” Ditchley Foundation (Chipping Norton – March 2015)

• “Islamist Extremism and the Integration of Muslim Minorities in Europe Today,” Brandeis University (Boston – March 2015)

• “La société tunisienne entre radicalisation, compromis et chaos régional,” Transitions démocratiques, Institut Italien de Culture de Tunis (Tunisia – January 2015)

• “Vers un Islam européen?,” Déconstruire les conflits relatifs aux représentations de l’Islam et des musulmans de France,” École Normale Supérieure (Paris – January 2015)

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Talks in 2014

• Keynote Speaker, “The Imam and the State,”  Imams in Western Europe – Authority, Training, and Institutional Challenges, LUISS Guido Carli University and John Cabot University (Rome – November 2014)

• Keynote Speaker, “La France est-elle une exception? Comparaison Internationale,” Les resonances du conflit israélo-palestinien en France, Institut Français des Relations Internationales (Paris – October 2014)

• Participant, US-Islamic World Forum, Brookings Institution and the State of Qatar (Doha – June 2014)

• “Prospects for Algerian politics after the 2014 Presidential Election,” Istanbul Seminars, Reset-Dialogue of Civilizations (Istanbul – May 2014)

• “The Priest, the Imam and the Nation-State,” Political Science Department, Boston College (Chestnut Hill – April 2014)

• Keynote speaker, Islam and the European Union, Ramapo College (New Jersey – April 2014)

• “Dismantling the Islam State? 21st Century Islam Policies in North Africa, Turkey and Western Europe,” Council for European Studies (Washington, DC – March 2014)

• “La politique étrangère de Barack Obama au Maghreb et en moyen orient en fin de mandat,” Institut Diplomatique des Relations Internationales d’Alger (Algiers – February 2014)

• “L’émancipation des musulmans d’Europe,” École nationale supérieure des sciences politiques (Algiers –February 2014)

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Video: Book Interview | New Mexico PBS | October 2013

Click here to watch the discussion about The Emancipation of Europe’s Muslims conducted by Furhana Afrid on NM-PBS’s In Focus talk show.

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Talks in 2013

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Video: “Integration or Emancipation?” American Academy in Berlin

Click here to watch “Integration or Emancipation? European Muslims between Mosque and State,” Daimler Lecture, American Academy in Berlin, October 9, 2012

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Talks in 2012

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Talks in 2011

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Talks in 2010

• “Islam’s Place in Europe: Recognition or Restriction of Religious Freedoms?” Colgate University (New York), November 11, 2010

• Discussant, “Security in an Age of Uncertainty: Great Britain’s New National Security Strategy,” The Brookings Institution, October 28, 2010

• “The Partial Emancipation of Europe’s Muslim Minorities,” Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin, June 22, 2010

• “Images and Ideas of the West,” Center for Advanced Studies, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (Munich), May 22, 2010

“Europe 2030″ Luso-American Foundation (Lisbon), April 23, 2010

“Defining Islamic Politics in France,” SAIS-Johns Hopkins in Bologna, March 18, 2010

• Moderator, “Jean-Louis Bruguière: Transatlantic Cooperation to Fight Against Terror,” Clough Center at Boston College, February 3, 2010

“Islam and National Identity in France,” (with Justin Vaïsse) Consulat Général de France à New York, January 27, 2010

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Transatlantic Dialogue on Terrorism at Brookings, December 2009

Jonathan moderated a public panel on “Coordinated Counter-Terrorism Policy” at the Brookings Institution on Tuesday, December 15 (audio available here; transcript is here), and co-organized an experts workshop later that day. Click here to see details. The workshop agenda can be viewed here.

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