Essay/Interviews: French Elections, Toulouse Attacks, Marseille | New York Times

• The US and new French President François Hollande (interview), Libération, May 2012

• “Le changement, c’est maintenant? The 2012 French Presidential Elections in Perspective” – Panel with Christopher Caldwell, James Hoag, Jonah Levy and Justin Vaïsse (click to listen to/read transcript of the panel discussions), The Brookings Institution, April 2012

• “Can the Toulouse effect save Sarkozy from defeat in France?” (interview),, April 2012

• “Islam in the Melting Pot of Marseille: A Charmed Life May not Last,” New York Times Room for Debate, March 22, 2012

 | Bahasa Indonesia

• “Sifting Through What We Know about the Toulouse Killings” (interview), NPR’s The Two-Way, March 2012

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