News: Laurence’s Research cited in Washington Post and on CNN

After the Boston bombings of April 2013, Fareed Zakaria featured Jonathan’s research in his Washington Post Op-Ed and on his CNshow GPS to draw lessons from Europe on immigrant integration in the United States:

“What’s surprising is that things have been improving in Europe, where Muslim migrants have often had much greater problems assimilating. Jonathan Laurence of Boston College, who has done extensive research on Muslim communities in Europe, found that before 1990 European countries largely ignored their Muslim populations and allowed the embassies of countries such as Morocco, Algeria and Saudi Arabia to cater to their needs by building mosques and training imams. “This wasn’t multiculturalism so much as indifference,” Laurence wrote recently. Those countries had little interest in helping migrants assimilate; in fact, their efforts were to do the opposite: Maintain ties with the old country and old ways.” (cont’d…) – Washington Post, April 26, 2013

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