Incorporating Minorities in Europe: 19th Century to the Present

Incorporating Minorities in Europe: 19th Century to the Present
April 16-17, 2004, Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies, Harvard University

Organized by CES Graduate Student Affiliates Fiona Barker (Government), Jonathan Laurence (Government), and Katja Zelljadt (History).

Europe and its minorities have shaped and reshaped one another for centuries: minorities have transformed existing forms of social and political participation, redefined urban environments, and raised new questions in the relationship between religion and the state. Considering both historical minorities and newer immigrant groups, this workshop explores how European societies and institutions have influenced the identity and organization of religious, ethnic, and linguistic/regional minorities in the modern European context. Workshop participants will be twenty-five advanced graduate students from Europe and North America, drawn from a variety of social science disciplines, including political science, history, anthropology and sociology.

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