Op-Ed: Religious Turf War in the Near East | Der Tagesspiegel | Brookings

Click here to read Jonathan’s Op-Ed, “Von der Türkei bis Ägypten: Religiöser Revierkampf” (in German) from the July 20 Der Tagesspiegel. (PDF version here)

Click here to the English-language essay about the fate of “official Islam” in the context of current unrest on Brookings’ UpFront:

“More than the Turkish government’s assault on the trees in Istanbul’s Gezi Park, the trigger for protestors’ outrage this month was arguably the Prime Minister Erdoğan’s plan to build a 1,500-person mosque in Taksim Square. Unlike recent disputes over mosques near Ground Zero or across from the Cologne Cathedral in Germany, protestors in Istanbul do not question Muslims’ right to build houses of worship. The Turkish taxpayers who demand these mosques be scrapped are articulating a desire for freedom from state religion.” (…)

Click here to read the article in Italian: “Dalla Turchia all’Egitto, i conflitti religiosi territoriali del Medio Oriente,” Arabpress.eu (Translation by Claudia Avolio)


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