Recent Commentary/Events

Interview with Le Monde, “La France crée les conditions de l’échec de son utopie universaliste,” November 2019 (See full text of interview in the print edition here)

Panelist, “Bridging Divides: An Interdisciplinary Discussion on Migration and Belonging,” Harvard Center for European Studies, October 2019

Keynote Speaker, “After Political Violence: The State Regulation of ‘Immigrant Religion,’” 48th Annual NAIIMS Conference, September 2019

Interview with The Economist, “Western Governments are Telling Muslim Women Not to Cover Up,” July 2019

Interview with Associated Press, “Government Restrictions on Religion Increasing Worldwide,” July 2019

Interview with The Economist, “Anglophones and Francophones Still Approach Islam Differently,” October 2018

Op-Ed, “Seeing Iran’s Shadow in North Africa,” Reuters Opinion, October 2017

Discussant, “Turkey and the West by Kemal Kirisci,” Ozyegin Forum, Harvard Center for European Studies, October 2017

Jonathan addressed a bipartisan group of 19 members of the House and Senate at a meeting on “Integration, Refugees and Islam” on Capitol Hill, organized by the Aspen Congressional Program, July 2017

Interview with NPR-California, “2 political mavericks, Presidents Trump and Macron meet in Paris,” July 2017

Interview with The Week, “Many European Countries have no terrorism problem. Why?,” July 2017

Speaker, “Coping with Defeat: Sunni Islam, Roman Catholicism and the Modern State,” Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin, June 2017

Lifetime member, Council on Foreign Relations, June 2017

Speaker, “Global Authoritarianism and the Future of Democracy,” Reset DOC – Fondazione Cini, Venice, June 2017

Interview with Radio Canada, “La politique étrangère selon Trump,” May 2017

Speaker, “La géopolitique des alliances américaines dans l’ère Trump,” Forum Saint Laurent, Montreal, May 2017

Consultant, Last Week Tonight, “French Elections,” April 2017

Interview with Jewish Week, “Dreyfus Affair in the Age of Le Pen,” April 2017

Speaker, “Nuove frontiere democratiche di fronte ai trend illiberali,” Reset DOC – Università di Milano, March 2017

Commentator, Edition Spéciale Investiture Donald Trump, BFMTV, January 2017

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