Courses taught at Boston College

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PO418: US-European Foreign Policy Cooperation (undergraduate course) PO448: European Political Development (undergraduate course) PO449: Post-War European Politics (undergraduate course) PO450: France and the Muslim World (undergraduate seminar) PO812: Church-State Relations in Modern Europe (graduate seminar) PO813: Islam in the West (graduate seminar) BC students: Log in to WebCT to access course materials and syllabi

Previous teaching experience

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Teaching Fellow, Dept. of Government, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University, 2002-2004 – Head Teaching Fellow, “The Political Development of Western Europe,” Fall 2002; – Teaching Fellow, “Sophomore Tutorial in Government: Comparative Politics,” Spring 2003; Senior Thesis Adviser, 2002-4 Instructor, Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), 2001-2002 – Instructor, “Les enjeux politiques de [...]


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