Talks in 2016

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• “Can French Islam be Algerian, Moroccan and Turkish?” Annual Conference of the Council for European Studies (Philadelphia – April 2016)

• Discussant, “What Happened to National Liberation? A Discussion with Michael Walzer,” Reset DOC / Columbia University (NY, NY – March 2016)



Talks in 2015

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• “Can European Islam be North African?” Center for European Studies, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill – November 2015)

• “Taking Politics Out of Islam,” Hajja Razia Sharif Sheikh Lecture, College of Arts and Sciences, Oakland University (Michigan – October 2015)

• Chair, Panel on Republican Rights and Politics, Istanbul Seminars - Reset DOC (Istanbul – May 2015)

• “Peut-on parler d’un Islam de France ?” Discussion on “Islam et République” with Hervé Mariton and Xavier Lemoine, Assemblée Nationale (Paris – May 2015)

• “Les Islams en Europe,” Jurisprudence Islamique et Contexte Européen, Conseil Européen des Ouléma Marocains, (Brussels – May 2015)

• “Religion and the Modern State,” Transatlantic Academy (Washington – April 2015)

• Panelist, “Governing Europe: The Collision of People, Power and Money,” Brookings CUSE Annual Conference on Sovereignty’s Revenge: Populism and the future of European Integration (Washington – April 2015)

• Plenary speaker, “Global ambitions and local grievances: understanding political Islam,” Ditchley Foundation (Chipping Norton – March 2015)

• “Islamist Extremism and the Integration of Muslim Minorities in Europe Today,” Brandeis University (Boston – March 2015)

• “La société tunisienne entre radicalisation, compromis et chaos régional,” Transitions démocratiques, Institut Italien de Culture de Tunis (Tunisia – January 2015)

• “Vers un Islam européen?,” Déconstruire les conflits relatifs aux représentations de l’Islam et des musulmans de France,” École Normale Supérieure (Paris – January 2015)

Talks in 2014

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• Keynote Speaker, “The Imam and the State,”  Imams in Western Europe – Authority, Training, and Institutional Challenges, LUISS Guido Carli University and John Cabot University (Rome – November 2014)

• Keynote Speaker, “La France est-elle une exception? Comparaison Internationale,” Les resonances du conflit israélo-palestinien en France, Institut Français des Relations Internationales (Paris – October 2014) 

• Participant, US-Islamic World Forum, Brookings Institution and the State of Qatar (Doha – June 2014)

• “Prospects for Algerian politics after the 2014 Presidential Election,” Istanbul Seminars, Reset-Dialogue of Civilizations (Istanbul – May 2014)

• “The Priest, the Imam and the Nation-State,” Political Science Department, Boston College (Chestnut Hill – April 2014)

• Keynote speaker, Islam and the European Union, Ramapo College (New Jersey – April 2014)

• “Dismantling the Islam State? 21st Century Islam Policies in North Africa, Turkey and Western Europe,” Council for European Studies (Washington, DC – March 2014)

• “La politique étrangère de Barack Obama au Maghreb et en moyen orient en fin de mandat,” Institut Diplomatique des Relations Internationales d’Alger (Algiers – February 2014)

• “L’émancipation des musulmans d’Europe,” École nationale supérieure des sciences politiques (Algiers –February 2014)

Video: Book Interview | New Mexico PBS | October 2013

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Click here to watch the discussion about The Emancipation of Europe’s Muslims conducted by Furhana Afrid on NM-PBS’s In Focus talk show.

Talks in 2013

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  • Respondent, “The Rise of Nativism? by J.W.Duyvendak,” Harvard Center for European Studies (October 2013)
  • “Mediterranean Symbiosis: 21st Century Religion Policy in Majority-Muslim and Minority-Muslim Contexts,” 2013 Istanbul Seminars, Reset-Dialogues on Civilizations, May 2013
  • “State-Islam Relations in Europe and the Mediterranean,” Dept. of Migration, Integration und Transnationalisierung, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung, March 2013
  • “Staatlich-muslimischer Dialog im Spiegel – ein Blick ins Ausland” (Panel), Bundeskonferenz 2013, Junge Islam Konferenz – Deutschland (Berlin), February 2013
  • “Citizenship and State-Mosque Relations in Europe and the Mediterranean,” Institut fuer Soziologie, Georg-August-Universitaet (Goettingen), January 2013

Video: “Integration or Emancipation?” American Academy in Berlin

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Click here to watch “Integration or Emancipation? European Muslims between Mosque and State,” Daimler Lecture, American Academy in Berlin, October 9, 2012

Talks in 2012

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  • The Emancipation of Europe’s Muslims, Mercator Stiftung, Berlin, June 2012
  • “Elections in Uncertain Times: The Struggle for France in 2012,” University of Massachusetts, Amherst, April 2012
  • The Emancipation of Europe’s Muslims, BMW Center for European Studies, Georgetown University, February 2012
  • The Emancipation of Europe’s Muslims, Program on Islamic Civilizations and Societies, Boston College, February 2012

Talks in 2011

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  • Moderator, “European Revolutions, Arab Spring and Mediterranean Future,” Harvard Center for European Studies (Cambridge), November 2011
  • “Midwife or Spectator? US Policies Towards North Africa in the 21st Century,” Mediterranean Microcosm Conference, World Bank (Paris), November 2011
  • “Integration processes and counterterrorism policy in the EU,” Brookings Institution, September 2011
  • Keynote Speech, 9/11 Memorial, Peace Islands Institute of Boston, September 2011
  • Paper presenter, “Political Participation and Immigrants in W. Europe,” International Conference of Europeanists (Barcelona), June 2011
  • Moderator, “The US and the EU after the Arab Uprisings,” Brookings CUSE Workshop, April 2011
  • Discussant, Symposium on Policy Paradigms and Social Learning, Suffolk University Law School (Boston), February 2011

Talks in 2010

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• “Islam’s Place in Europe: Recognition or Restriction of Religious Freedoms?” Colgate University (New York), November 11, 2010

• Discussant, “Security in an Age of Uncertainty: Great Britain’s New National Security Strategy,” The Brookings Institution, October 28, 2010

• “The Partial Emancipation of Europe’s Muslim Minorities,” Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin, June 22, 2010

• “Images and Ideas of the West,” Center for Advanced Studies, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (Munich), May 22, 2010

“Europe 2030″ Luso-American Foundation (Lisbon), April 23, 2010

“Defining Islamic Politics in France,” SAIS-Johns Hopkins in Bologna, March 18, 2010

• Moderator, “Jean-Louis Bruguière: Transatlantic Cooperation to Fight Against Terror,” Clough Center at Boston College, February 3, 2010

“Islam and National Identity in France,” (with Justin Vaïsse) Consulat Général de France à New York, January 27, 2010

Transatlantic Dialogue on Terrorism at Brookings, December 2009

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Jonathan moderated a public panel on “Coordinated Counter-Terrorism Policy” at the Brookings Institution on Tuesday, December 15 (audio available here; transcript is here), and co-organized an experts workshop later that day. Click here to see details. The workshop agenda can be viewed here.

Talks in 2009

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• Panelist, “Integrating Islam: The French Case,” French Library / Alliance Française (Boston – November 2009)

Workshop Participant, “The New Transatlantic Relations,” Fondazione Magna Carta, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Rome – October 2009)

• Speaker, with Pier Luigi Bersani, at “Un’Italia più forte nel mondo. Una risposta alla crisi globale,” Sala Fellini, Roma Eventi (Rome – September 2009)

• Panelist, “Why Germany?” Goethe Institut (Boston – September 2009)

• “Making Islam safe for democracy: Political Islamist federations in Western European Democracies,” American Political Science Association annual meeting (Toronto – September 2009)

• “Living Migration,” Panel presentation with Cem Özdemir, Birand Bingül, Dietrich Thränhardt, 3. Ameranger Disput (Bavaria – June 2009)

• “No Shortcuts: High Skilled Migrants and Integration,” Briefing of the 2009 Transatlantic Academy Report
- Ministère de l’immigration, l’integration et de la identité nationale (Paris – June 2009)
- Büro der Staatsministerin für Integration, Kanzleramt (Berlin – June 2009)
- Center for Applied Policy Research (Munich – June 2009)
- US House of Representatives (Washington, D.C. – June 2009)

• “Islam and Transatlantic Relations”
- Stanford University in Washington (Washington, DC – May 2009)
- Boston College Alumni Organization (Washington, DC – April 2009)

• “Models of Muslim Integration in Europe,” SAIS-Johns Hopkins University (Washington, DC – April 2009)

Workshop: Factors of Integration for 2nd and 3rd Generation Muslims in the US and Germany

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Jonathan organized a one-day workshop, together with Dr. Almut Wieland-Karimi of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, at the Transatlantic Academy (Washington, DC – December 2008.)

Click here for the conference program.

Click HERE to read the report (March 2009).

Talks in 2008

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• “State-Islam Relations and Political Moderation in Europe,” Harvard Center for European Studies (Cambridge December 2008)

Governments and Muslim Communities in the US and Europe,” Wilson Center (Washington, DC – October 2008)

Islam and Citizenship in Germany,” Nanovic Center of the Univ. of Notre Dame (London – October 2008)

• “Models of Integration: European policies towards Islam,” Transatlantic Academy inaugural conference (Washington, DC – October 2008)

• “Integrating Islam in Contemporary France” (with Justin Vaisse) Maison Française de Boston College (Chestnut Hill – May 2008) & Harvard Center for European Studies (Cambridge – May 2008)

• “Italy after the elections: what should change and what is likely to change?” M.I.T. (Cambridge – April 2008)

• “Who is a German, then?” Conference on Germany in the Modern World, Harvard University (Cambridge – April 2008)

• “Extra-Parliamentary Interest Representation and Political Moderation: The case of State-Islam Relations in Western Europe,” Yale University (New Haven – January 2008)

• Commentator, “On Carl Schmitt’s Crisis of Parliamentary Democracy,” Boston College (Chestnut Hill – January 2008)

• “The Challenge of Integrating Muslims in Western Europe,” Council on Foreign Relations (New York – January 2008)

Connecting Muslim Communities and Governments in the United States and Europe

Jonathan convened a two-day conference, with Dr. Philippa Strum, on State-Islam Relations in the US, UK, France and Germany at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (Washington, DC – March 2008)

Talks in 2007

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• “Villiers-le-bel and the riots of 2007,” Kennedy School of Government (Boston – December 2007)

• “Islam and citizenship in Germany,” Heinrich Böll Stiftung (Berlin – November 2007)

• “Muslim/non-Muslim Relations in Europe,” International Institute for Strategic Studies (London – October 2007)

• “Muslims and state-religion relations in Germany,” Brandeis University (Boston – October 2007)

• “Islam in France,” Facing History workshop for educators, Suffolk University (Boston – October 2007)

• “Minority politics in Germany and the US in comparative perspective,” BMW – Herbert Quandt Stiftung Transatlantic Forum (Cape Cod – September 2007)

• “Red Lines and Grey Zones: Radicals and Moderates in European State-Islam Relations,” American Political Science Association annual meeting (Chicago – August 2007)

• Chair and moderator, panel on “Extraordinary Times: The US and Europe in the Cold War Eras,” CES-Berlin Dialogues, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin (Berlin – July 2007)

• Chair and moderator, panel on “Dual Loyalties? Lobbies, Citizenship and Foreign Policy,” CES-Berlin Dialogues, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin (Berlin – July 2007)

• “Political Islam in Western Europe,” Workshop on Islamist Parties, Koç University (Istanbul – May 2007)

• “Islam and Citizenship in Germany,” Heinrich Böll Stiftung (Washington, D.C. – May 2007)

• “Islam in Europe” (panel presentation) Annual Conference of the Center on the US and Europe, The Brookings Institution (Washington, D.C. – April 2007)

• Section Head, Comparative Politics, New England Political Science Association annual meeting (Boston – April 2007

• “Muslims and the State in Europe,” Transatlantic Dialogue on Islam, Club of 3, Bertelsmann Stiftung (Berlin – March 2007)

• “Integrating Islam in France,” French Consulate (Boston – March 2007)

• “Intercultural Dialogue in the German Presidency,” Transatlantic Task Force on Immigration and Integration, German Bundestag, (Berlin – March 2007)

• Islam in Europe, Pizza and Politics, Boston College Students’ Political Science Association, (Boston – February 2007)

• “Integrating Muslims in Germany,” Transatlantic Dialogue on Muslims in Germany, CSIS / Stiftung für Wissenschaft und Politik (Berlin – February 2007)

• “Integrating Islam in France and Europe,” French Library and Cultural Center (Boston – February 2007)

• “Integrating Islam in France and Europe,” Kennedy School of Governement (Cambridge– February 2007)

• “Anti-semitism and the integration of Muslims in Germany,” panel with Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble and Central Council of Jews in Germany President Charlotte Knobloch, German-Jewish Dialogue of the Bertelsmann Stiftung (Berlin – February 2007)

• “Intercultural Dialogue with Muslims,” EU preparatory workshop for the conference of Integration Ministers, German Interior Ministry (Berlin – February 2007)

Comparative Politics Section at the New England Political Science Association

As section head of Comparative Politics for NEPSA, Jonathan convened seven panels held at the Boston meeting in 2007.

Talks in 2006

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• “Islam in Europe” (panel presentation), Henry Stimson Center (Washington, D.C. – December 2006)

• “Integrating Islam in France and Europe,” Amherst College, Eastman Lecture program (Amherst – November 2006)

• “Muslims in Germany” (panel presentation) German Embassy (Washington, D.C. – November 2006)

• “Muslims in Europe“ (panel presentation), Kennedy School of Government (Cambridge – October 2006)

• “Integrating Islam in France and Europe,” Boisi Center at Boston College (Boston – September 2006)

• Book launch, Integrating Islam, The Brookings Institution (Washington, D.C. – September 2006)

• Book presentation to the Association of the House Chiefs of Staff, US House of Representatives (Washington, D.C. –September 2006)

• Panelist, ‘Freedom of Speech or Religious Insensitivity?’ at 2006 German Marshall Fund Memorial Fellows Conference (Seattle – July 2006)

• Panelist and moderator, ‘Comparative Lessons: Immigrants in the US and European Countries,’ at workshop on ‘Citizenship in Transatlantic Perspective,’ Bellagio Dialogue on Migration (German Marshall Fund) (Bellagio – June 2006, July 2006)

• ‘Muslims and the state in Western Europe’ at conference on ‘Immigration, liberty and security in comparative perspective,’ Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Paris – June 2006)

• ‘European Islam, between autocrats and revolutionaries’ at roundtable on ‘Muslims in Europe: Between Islamophobia and Radicalism’ (panel presentation) Center for European Studies, Harvard University (Cambridge – May 2006)

• ‘The headscarf debate and the caricature controversy in Europe,’ Commonwealth School (Boston – April 2006)

• Panelist, ‘Religious Minorities: Muslims in the West and non-Muslims in the Middle East and Islamic World,’ Boston College Forum on the Middle East (Chestnut Hill – April 2006)

• Chair and commentator, ‘Integration in France’ panel, ‘Roundtable on France,’ The Brookings Institution (Washington, D.C. – March 2006)

• Chair and commentator, “Fundamentalism in Europe and the United States” with speakers Olivier Roy and Harvey Cox,

• CES-Berlin, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin (Berlin – January 2006)

CES-Berlin Dialogues of Harvard’s Center for European Studies

Jonathan organized and chaired three sessions for the CES-Berlin dialogues: one on religious fundamentalism, one on counterterrorism, and and one on minority politics and foreign policy, in January 2006 and July 2007.

The Politics of Antisemitism in Contemporary France and Europe

Laurence was co-convener, with Prof. Martin Schain, of an international conference at the Center for European Studies of New York University in November 2005. Click here to see the program.

Talks in 2005

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• “The Principle of Laïcité and the French Council for the Muslim Religion,” at conference on “Comparing Separations: State and Religion in France and the United States,” Center for European Studies, Harvard University (December 2005)

• “The Social Trap: Unemployment, Discrimination and Religion in the Banlieues,” discussion with Jonathan Laurence and Eloi Laurent, Center for European Studies, Harvard University (November 2005)

• “Petits Frères” – post-screening discussion about the current political situation in France with director Jacques Doillon, Jonathan Laurence, and “Cahiers du Cinema” Director Jean-Michel Frodon, Brattle Theater (Cambridge, MA, November 2005)

• Co-convener (with Prof. Martin Schain) of conference on “Antisemitism in France and Europe,” a one-day conference with scholars and policy experts from the US, France, Germany and Israel, New York University Center for European Studies, (New York – November 2005)

• “Integrating Islam in Western Europe” (panel presentation), Ford Foundation conference on Immigration Policies after September 11 in Europe and the US, University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh – September 2005)

• “Muslims and the State in Western Europe” (panel presentation), conference on Islam in Europe, Center for West European Studies, University of Washington (Seattle – April 2005); and Kennedy School of Government Hauser Center Works-In-Progress Seminar (Cambridge – May 2005)

• “From Muslims into Frenchmen: Islam and the State in Contemporary France,” Bates College, (Maine – April 2005); and Center for European Studies and Center for East Asian Studies, University of Madison-Wisconsin (April 2005)

• “Muslims and the State in Berlin and Germany,” New York University Center for European Studies visiting scholar seminar (March 2005); and: at conference on Social Integration in the New Berlin, Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University, (Providence – March 2005)

Talks in 2004

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• “L’Islam en France: les raisons de l’État, 1974-2004,” conference on Droits, libertés et obligations du culte musulman en France à l’aube du XXIe siècle, Les amis de La Médina et Institut de l’Islam et des Sociétés du Monde Musulman, Ecole des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (Paris – December 2004)

• “Managing Transnational Islam: Muslims and the State in Western Europe,” University of Colorado at Boulder; and: Boston College; and: The New School University (November/December 2004)

• “Islam in Italy,” roundtable on The Political Integration of Muslims in Western Europe, The Brookings Institution (Washington, DC – November 2004)

• “Why did France ban headscarves in schools?”, panel on The Religious Rights of Women: Hijab Bans in France and Turkey, American University, Washington College of Law (Washington, DC – October 2004)

• “Managing Transnational Islam in Western Europe,” conference on Immigration in a Cross-National Context: What are the Implications for Europe? Luxembourg Income Study and Syracuse University (Luxembourg – June 2004)

• Co-convener and speaker, “State-Islam Relations and the Integration of Muslims in France,” conference on Incorporating Minorities in Europe: from the 19th Century to the Present, Center for European Studies, Harvard University (Cambridge – April 2004)

• Panels on “Multicultural Concerns” (chair and presenter) and “Negotiating Identities: Author meets critics” (commentator) at 2004 Conference of Europeanists, Council for European Studies (Chicago – March 2004)

Incorporating Minorities in Europe: 19th Century to the Present

Incorporating Minorities in Europe: 19th Century to the Present
April 16-17, 2004, Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies, Harvard University

Organized by CES Graduate Student Affiliates Fiona Barker (Government), Jonathan Laurence (Government), and Katja Zelljadt (History).

Europe and its minorities have shaped and reshaped one another for centuries: minorities have transformed existing forms of social and political participation, redefined urban environments, and raised new questions in the relationship between religion and the state. Considering both historical minorities and newer immigrant groups, this workshop explores how European societies and institutions have influenced the identity and organization of religious, ethnic, and linguistic/regional minorities in the modern European context. Workshop participants will be twenty-five advanced graduate students from Europe and North America, drawn from a variety of social science disciplines, including political science, history, anthropology and sociology.

Le Conseil Français du Culte Musulman: Quel rôle pour l’État et pour la société civile?

Jonathan convened a one-day conference at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris in November 2003 on the new French Council of the Muslim Religion with politicians and policymakers from the Interior Ministry, religious leaders from the CFCM and scholars of Islam in France. Jonathan edited a special edition of French Politics, Culture and Society based [...]

Talks in 2003

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• Convener and speaker, “Créer un interlocuteur: néo-corporatisme et l’organisation de l’islam,” conference on “Le Conseil Français du Culte Musulman: Quel rôle pour l’état et pour la société civile?” Sciences Po (Paris – November 2003)

• “One Muslim Phone Number? Creating an Interlocutor for State-Islam Relations in France and Germany,” Conference on “Migration – Citizenship – Ethnos. Incorporation Regimes in Germany, Western Europe and North America,” Heinrich Böll Stiftung and University of Toronto (Toronto – October 2003)

• “State-Church Relations and the Politics of Corporatism: The case of Islam in France,” American Political Science Association annual meeting (Philadelphia – August 2003)

• “Multiculturalism in France,” Colloquium on France in 2003, Middlebury College (Vermont – April 2003)

• “Immigrant Integration through Religious Community: Jews and Muslims in the New Germany,” CES-Berlin Dialogues, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin (Berlin – February 2003)

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